Due to the need for us ALL to stay safe, the following guidelines are in place until further notice:

  1. All students will wear masks at all times while inside the training area
  2. All students will use hand sanitizer before entering and at the time they leave. TFMA will have this available at the door
  3. Students will abide by safe distancing rules with a minimum of 6-feet between each other
  4. There will be no physical-contact inside the dojo
  5. Students are not to touch any surfaces inside the room. If a student must use the restroom, they are responsible to wipe down the toilet seat, toilet handle, sink, door handle, and any other surface they may have touched
  6. Students must come to the dojo in their uniforms – there will not be any use of the changing area until further notice
  7. There will not be any parents or spectators allowed in the room – parents can wait in their cars and watch through the window
  8. Shoes are to be removed OUTSIDE of the training area and lined-up outside of the door in a neat fashion as if they were inside
  9. At the end of every class, it is the responsibility of the student or parent to assist in preparing the room for the next class. This includes but is not limited to the following:
  1. All surfaces to be wiped down
  2. Floors to be swept and mopped
  3. Bathroom to be inspected and wiped down
  1. No one leaves the premises until the clean-up process has been completed

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